Monday, November 26, 2007

Come in Houston--and Dallas

Sorry to lump both of these shows into one entry, but to be honest (a) the past 48 hours have been a non-stop cross-Texas driving clusterfuck and (b) the Dallas show wasn't, in my opinion, good enough to warrant its own blog entry, especially under those circumstances.

Santa was, of course, wonderful, in all her coked-out, raspberry-swirl, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader glory. But Tear In Your Hand? Lust? Jackie? Horses? No thanks. Waaaaay too mellow for a Texas show.

Houston, on the other hand was wonderful. I ended up getting to do the Platinum VIP for this show at the last minute--and for free--due to Sakre's friend Elizabeth backing out of it for a very lame reason. Pictures of my nerdy interaction with Tori--where I asked, once again, for "Peeping Tommi," reminding her that I'd been requesting it since June, and also asking her to do "Not David Bowie" and to bring Pip out tomorrow night. yes, I know I'm a greedy bitch. I wasn't expecting much based on her reactions.

Well, two out of three requests granted so far. "Bowie"'s below. Sakre got "Tommi" as I was a wreck during. You'll probably here my gay-ass "thank you" on the bootleg when it's released in a couple hours.

On a side note, I'd just like to publicly vent about the fact that a certain person on Tori's crew has now made it apparent that he is only concerned with helping fans that are not really fans, people that travel across the country, never paying for tickets and always talking shit about about Tori & Co. and fucking her fans over any chance they get. My friends Joey, Kristen, and I were promised something for tonight, and when we asked for it, we were scolded for not being like these awful people.


Anyway, because of all this, many people at the Houston show probably noticed a large quantity of obese and rhythm-lacking fans dancing during the "Widow" remix and bouncing during "Bouncing". I know who you can blame!

Anyway, since SA's not being booted, I'll surely take more video of it. I need to go to bed now.


dang said...

"Anyway, because of all this, many people at the Houston show probably noticed a large quantity of obese and rhythm-lacking fans dancing."

This is SO uncalled for. SO uncalled for. I'm disgusted.

KAREN! said...

i saw that, who were those people? and some people had pictures of a girl that they held up-- no idea. I heard you say thank you and i want to thank you for requesting those songs! it really was a fantastic show. i asked for butterfly and she was not impressed but hey-- if she acted the same when you asked for those songs and played them, lets hope butterfly is coming?

Miss-Y-78 said...

@ Dang: I don't think it was uncalled for. He didn't lie; they are obese. But if they were somewhat nice people then chances are the comment wouldn't have been made. I will never forget how rudely I was treated by one of those girls at my first M&G, and many other people have had the same experience. They're obnoxious at best. I find it amazing that Tori is so nice to people and her stalkers treat people like shit. You'd think they'd learn a thing or two from stalking her.

Jimmy said...

what i'd like to know is how these people get the funds to see every single show and to travel across country. i would love to, but then you have to i really have a job?

magicmonkeyfla said...

its TOTALLY called for. you can leave a nice msg on maria's 'stalker travel blog' at> and for more about tori's false rape allegation and much more about her stalker 'fans' go to:

darcey said...

This tour I became familiar with those people who never pay for tickets... one in particular (and a couple of his friends sorta). He was on my flight from Denver to SLC, ended up in front row there without a ticket, and I saw him again in Phoenix looking for tickets outside - again, he ended up front row. Without buying a ticket. Seriously, can they just give someone else a chance? It's ridiculous.