Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shameless photowhoring: Tori and I talking in Philly.

Feel free to create your own captions!

Tour bloopers videos

We had a long ride from NYC to Syracuse, and we have videos to prove it. Watch these at your own risk! They might be offensive if you're not at least somewhat insane!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Santa rocked Philly, Tori phoned it in

Minus this improv, that is:

I really have no idea why the rest of the show was so overwhelming. Actually, scratch that, I do: it was the first night of the "Legs and Boots" instant bootlegs and she was nervous.

The good news is that Tori and I were wearing essentially the same pants at the Meet and Greet:

I also got these cute shots of her. Feel free to add your own humorous captions:

My next show of the American Doll Posse World Tour will be in Dallas on Saturday, November 24, and I proably won't update this blog much until then, though I will be adding select photos and videos from Sakre's camera.

I am very happy and fortunate to have done these five shows, but I am ready to go home. I'm tired. I miss my dog. And most importantly, I'm out of money.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I'll see you next month!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"The day from hell and the show from heaven" is

a title I would resort to using if I were a far less skilled writer. That said, I am a tired and travel-sick writer, so I'm going to use it anyway. Basically, anything that could have gone wrong, non-Tori wise, in the past 24 hours did. Rental car nightmares, two meals at Burger King, missing my bus this morning, and stomach sickness this afternoon in Philly.

Two pea(nises) in a pod

Actually, one Tori thing went wrong--due to the rental car drama, Sakre missed her VIP Gold in Albany and Tori's drunk ass associate refused to do anything to help her--but the rest were amazing. Minus "1000 Oceans" and the ever standard encores, last night's show was perfect. Even with them I'd give it a solid A. It very well might have been my favorite show of the entire tour. Very very well. Clyde opening and then "Parasol" "Spark" an improv about spanking, "Northern Lad" "Yes Anastasia" "Never Seen Blue" and a "Taxi" debut for good measure? Yes, please.

Multiburst mode!

I took several videos and I'll let them speak for themselves. You know that I don't normally upload every night events like "Rattlesnakes," but it's for this boy for whom I'd basically do anything, so I am sure that you all can deal with it. OH AND CLYDE HAS A NEW WIG--less oppressive bangs!


"Spank Your Ass" improv

Northern Lad

Yes, Anastasia

Never Seen Blue

Taxi Ride (with fuck-up)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Today at the Meet and Greet Tori divulged

that the DVD would be filmed at the first two Oakland shows.


Also, Rob took me out to dinner at a very nice raw/vegan/organic restaurant on the Lower East Side, and I forced him to be in two pictures with me:

Tori Amos hates New York City...

...(minus the following two songs):

Thankfully, Pip seems to love it, so that's good. Last night followed the standard Crucify-Cornflake-Bells-Siren-Silent-Cooling formula that Tori always does for important shows. I can't say I blame her, as she can do basic versions of all those songs in her sleep and really kick-ass ones (i.e. last night) when she wants to, but I was still snoring. Digital Ghost-Hotel-Code Red and Pip's set compensated though. Not as good as Albany but it was not as bad as Munich or CPH, so whatever.

Elsewhere in New York, the lovely Rob, pictured below:

took us to Red Bamboo, a name that implies a restaurant with Asian cuisine. This place, however, has the best (and probably most unhealthy, d'oh) fake meat I've ever tasted. After, before that, Rob and I (in the company of Caitlin) walked on the streets and took some really gay, suspiciously couple-looking pictures together. It should be noted that in the first picture, Rob is wearing my clothing, and looks incredibly hot. YOU ARE HOT ANYWAY--DON'T BE INSECURE but Rob, fashion is your friend! The gay pictures are below:

In closing, Tori, I'm rooting for you tonight. Don't let me down!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So yesterday morning in the elevator in the hotel

Caitlin ran into Smitty, Tori's bodyguard and Keith, her tour manager. I found this funny given the Denmark ferry incident I posted about in June. Perhaps it was because we were staying


Albany's only luxury hotel, they say. (But we did NOT pay luxury prices. Thanks Hotwire!. Anyway, we had to say goodbye to Albany at some point

and come to New York City, where I met my good friend

Rob, who doesn't ALWAYS look this thrilled,

for the first time in person. Sakre went to Brooklyn to be with her sister and husband, so Caitlin and I went with Rob and his sister Roxanne to the

PJ Harvey Concert!

after getting MSG'd! by some delicious vegetable dumplings from the horrific Ollie's.

I am really not terribly sure what to think of PJ Harvey's show. For what it's worth, I did recognize over half the songs, but I think I'm too casual a fan to have developed more than an appreciate of Polly's vocal and guitar chops. I thought old songs like "Rid of Me" and "To Bring You My Love" were incredible last night, but the new songs, well, all sounded the same. Overall. I'd give it a B- if I were, like a paid reviewer. Before the show, I ran into my good friend Dana, with whom I only talk occasionally these days (poor girl seems to have a myspace allergy. D'oh!) It's always good to see her though and I am glad that she is doing well.

On the way home, I took some cool shots of a mist-enshrouded Empire State Building. It was purdy.

Oh, and while nice and full of character, our shack, pictured below:

is NOT a luxury hotel. At all!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The first show of the tour was

very very very good. So good, in fact, that I can sum up my (slight) disappointment in two questions:

(1) When did Tori decide that the purpose of an encore was not to reward fans, but to subject them to perfunctory songs?
and (2) why does "Almost Rosey" suck so badly live?

The marquee at the fabulous Palace

Isabel used to be my least favorite doll by far, but this performance was electric.

Isabel takes to the stage

She took total command of the stage when she entered, smoking, in her fire engine red get up, and didn't lose that command until the end of "Tombigbee," which beat the pants off of every 2003 version of that song she did combined. For my money, she should have just not sang "Rosey".

Tori's set was just as amazing. "Sugar" "Black-Dove" "Sneeze" and "Mother Revolution" as the first four non-staple band songs.

Secret time speaks for itself.

The last part of the show--from "God" onward--was kind of standard, but still performed very well, so I guess I can't complain.

And oh! Since someone on @forumz asked, the gift bags are totes that say "VIPosse" and contain a beanie with the same logo.

And according to my two lovely lady friends here in the hotel room, my previous account of the VIP debacle was LESS dramatic than it actually was. I didn't know I was capable of making things less dramatic. Meh. But yeah.

Beanies! Long live the VIP gift bag!

Bed time now!

Oh, and Tori did an improv before solo time which said something to the effect of her "not being back for a long time," which sucks, but it means she WILL, in fact, be back at some point.

So yay!


is the word best suited to describe what went down with VIP.

Caitlin at I at Austin airport around 6 AM.

Now, before I go on a total verbal rampage I will give the Tori team this: it's the first day of the tour, the venue staff all have mullets (and are as incompetent as they are unattractive), and, well, I dunno. There is just a very hectic energy.

Doing my hurr.

Basically, we arrived at 4:30 only to be herded into a small waiting area for 90 (ed: I don't know HOW I convinced myself it was 30!) minutes, at which point we were allowed to do the "crowd free merchandise" bonanza while listening to Tori sound check "Tubular Bells/Devils and Gods" "Voodoo" "Almost Rosey" "Tombigbee" and "Virginia". We were then made to wait another half an hour, at which point we were invited into the sound check, where Tori sang "God" "Tear In Your Hand" half of "God" again and then yelled at us to leave because her sound guy was pissing her off. It should be noted that Tori performed in skinny jeans, gold heels, and a cute jacket and hat with no wig. It should also be noted that sound check was prrobably the most technically perfect performances I have seen of Tori thus far this tour, but I can understand why she doesn't perform in "normal" clothes--she just doesn't command the kind of respect that she, ironically, does, wearing a sequined jumpsuit and a chunky wig. More on that later.

Anyway, we were then directed upstairs and waited about 10 minutes for Tori to come out. We were advised to have our cameras out and signing items ready to be signed, which I felt kind of, um, rude considering that we had paid for this.

Tori and I, myself looking cheesetastic

In short, for my money, listening to sound check through the door and doing the regular meet and greet would have been a better utilization of time and, more importantly, free. Tori was nice and all and Chelsea was actually really cool to me RE: something that might happen in the future, but it was still a disorganized mess.

OK, food and the show awaits. Wish me luck RE: taping!

EDIT: You also get a tourbook with the VIP bag!

Monday, October 8, 2007


...I will be in Albany scrambling around to look hot for my VIP meeting/soundcheck with Tori. Today, I am in Austin scrambling around trying to make sure I don't forget to pack anything. Meh.

Speaking of scrambling, I just made the mistake of driving home through the UT campus and I swear it was like walking on the ground and hoping you don't step on an ant. Those mofos are EVERYWHERE. It was literally like an infestation of sorts. So stressful!

Because of the congestion there and my decision to go stuff my face, I'm a little behind schedule today and probably still won't get any work done on my Statement of Purpose for grad school, but whatever. I would imagine it could be worse.

As far as the tour goes, my goals are basically the same. I am going to attempt to capture each and every tour debut from start to finish is as close to immaculate quality as my seats allow. That means no "Big Wheel" or "Cornflake Girl" here, folks. You know how I roll.

Now here's to hoping homegirl debuts something incredible tomorrow night!