Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'll write more later...

...but Munich and Vienna were fun, the cities that is, my visit to Vienna falling during their vegan festival--which was incredible. I can't say the same about the shows. The performances were outstanding, no doubt, but I refuse to get past the setlist monotony in and of itself. I have a feeling it might be like it as a result of (a) Marcel having left and (b) the guitarist trying to learn all the songs, but it's still pretty fucking lame.

Anymore, more later! I have to go try and find a branch of Deutsche Bank so that I can take money out of my bank account without paying any fees. Yay!

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Nuno Gonçalves said...

By the 10th show of each tour Tori had done

American Doll Posse Tour - 66 songs
On Scarlet's Walk - 64 songs
5.5 Weeks Tour - 41 songs