Monday, June 4, 2007

RE: Setlist complaints

I've noticed several snide remarks in various corners of the internet regarding a supposed "hypocrisy" to the posts here, specifically about my having said that the Milano show was "redundant." I guess my point is that it's perplexing for an artist like Tori, who goes on and on about her 150+ song back catalog, to play (essentially) the same setlist several nights in a row. Additionally, she's built her touring reputation on her setlist variance. I consider this constructive criticism. For a counterexample, go here.


Edit: does anyone else who travels notice that blogger changes languages every time you change countries? I SO do not know Dutch?

Edit 2: Oh! Look at this!


Joey from Jer Z said...

Look the bottom line is that she's only, what, 5 shows into the tour? In the past when she began her tours in Europe, the set lists were pretty much the same. By the time she got to the states three months later, the set lists were wildly varied, full of perfected performances, great improvs, rarities, and covers. So let's not jinx it, and remember, most of the crowd she's playing to right now barely understands what she's singing. It's the music that's important - no one told anyone to fly from the US to Europe. These shows are FOR the Europeans, not the Americans. Remember that.

angelictenderbutton said...

I have to agree Robert about the redundant set list and the lack of variety. I for one am a bit disappointed and I hope Joey has a point about it being Europe, but the thing is if you're a T fan regardless of the language barrier you're gonna know all the songs!!!!

I just think she keeps playing "safety" tunes to warm up. She has been with the band on tour for a few years, and they all need bonding time to get re-acclimated or something.

God, I hope...because every setlist I see is a true disappointment in terms of eccentric diversity.

God...blah blah
Crucify....blah blah
Liquid Diamonds...blah blah

Where is Dolphin Song? Take Me With You? Even a rocking goodie like Pancake?

Joey from Jer Z said...

You did NOT just ask for "Dolphin Song." Oy vey.