Thursday, May 31, 2007


Sorry about the lack of posting--there doesn't seem to be much of an internet hub in Firenze (one of the many problems with that city), so right now in Milan is the first time I've been online in a couple days.

Anyway, last night's show was better than Rome's, and was almost great, minus the vocal problems Isabel seemed to be having. The highlight was certainly "Doughnut Song" with "Daisy Dead Petals" being the runner up. Because I'm here so late in the game, I'll save you the verbage and get right to posting youtube videos--in a little while. I got all of Isabel (minus "Almost Rosey") as well as "Sneeze" and "Parasol."

I am bringing my camera to the Milan show tonight, but I have a crap ticket, so I may or may not use it. We'll see.


kristal said...

OMG! You are going to spoil me with all these videos. I cannot wait to see them!

kristal said...

I forgot to say Thank you!
Thank you!


Nuno Gonçalves said...

Thanx in advance for the videos. And post whatever you have, we'll appreciate them all. :)

Jason Sechrest said...

Please do use it! Your audio is being ripped from the videos and it seems to be the only really good MP3 boots we're getting! :-D xo L, J.

Robert said...

Can't wait to see!