Tuesday, May 29, 2007


...and "Secret Spell" live was incredible. Started out with a long weird guitar noise. Very passionate throughout in terms of piano and singing, so much so that I couldn't tape because I teared up. Don't listen to whateverhernameis because she doesn't know shit.


Nick said...

Exactly, she knows nothing about good music and it puzzles a lot of people why she's there when she have said countless times she refuses to go.

Anyways, just want to personally say thank you so much for the videos and the review, Robert. You're a good guy.


Robert said...

I'm really excited to hear this

turbulent indigo said...

Thanks Robert for the videos.
I'm not listening to whateverhername is because if it's the same crazy who attacks Tori for everything she does, she is not worth taking anything to heart.
thanks. again, josh