Monday, May 28, 2007

Soda and Hoochie!

Now I am going to BED!


prettyhatemachine said...

thanks Robert.
these videos and pics, made me so excited for this tour...i think it is gonna be one of the best tours...yet
hope to see you on the road!


Jason Sechrest said...

Just incredible, Robert. You made me feel like I was there and a part of it. How far are you planning on touring with T? Hope to tune in regularly. xo L, J.

Drizstik said...

Thank you Robert!!!
I've really enjoyed reading all about your adventures so far, and obviously, watching the videos, as well as looking through your pictures! Great job, and thank you so very much for sharing everything! I admire the fast turnaround rate! Anyway, I wish you a safe, fun, happy, exciting, etc., ADP adventure, and hope that you enjoy the rest of the Tour!