Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomorrow's the day...

...that I depart for Rome, pending lenience on the part of the TSA. I fear I might have exceeded my liquid allowance (my one quart bag is ripping at its polymer seams), which means that I must be trying to carry a bomb on board. Hopefully I can fool them!

In other news, well, there is no other news, but there will be Friday! I'll have some things to say about the flight (or Guantanamo if my ripped baggie violates national security) and about Rome and also have some pictures posted. As my trip progresses, I hope to utilise youtube to post some videos of the concerts, meet and greets, and myself and friends commentating on the general state of the American Doll Posse tour.

So maybe that is other news? I dunno. You decide.

I need, I need to create a time machine and have it be tomorrow because I'm not doing a damn thing right now.


Robert said...

Uh -- I didn't think it would let me leave a comment, because I didn't have an account... but apparently I do? That's kind of weird. I have no recollection of ever making an account here at all.


Caitiieee said...

I wish I could've gone with you! But uhhh, I'm a felon and the judge won't let me leave the state. LAME!

I look forward to your next encouner with Maria.

Robert said...

Cancerian... Unitarian... vegetarian... uh... hmm... Aryan, barbarian, agrarian, bavarian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, ovarian...utilitarian?