Thursday, October 11, 2007

So yesterday morning in the elevator in the hotel

Caitlin ran into Smitty, Tori's bodyguard and Keith, her tour manager. I found this funny given the Denmark ferry incident I posted about in June. Perhaps it was because we were staying


Albany's only luxury hotel, they say. (But we did NOT pay luxury prices. Thanks Hotwire!. Anyway, we had to say goodbye to Albany at some point

and come to New York City, where I met my good friend

Rob, who doesn't ALWAYS look this thrilled,

for the first time in person. Sakre went to Brooklyn to be with her sister and husband, so Caitlin and I went with Rob and his sister Roxanne to the

PJ Harvey Concert!

after getting MSG'd! by some delicious vegetable dumplings from the horrific Ollie's.

I am really not terribly sure what to think of PJ Harvey's show. For what it's worth, I did recognize over half the songs, but I think I'm too casual a fan to have developed more than an appreciate of Polly's vocal and guitar chops. I thought old songs like "Rid of Me" and "To Bring You My Love" were incredible last night, but the new songs, well, all sounded the same. Overall. I'd give it a B- if I were, like a paid reviewer. Before the show, I ran into my good friend Dana, with whom I only talk occasionally these days (poor girl seems to have a myspace allergy. D'oh!) It's always good to see her though and I am glad that she is doing well.

On the way home, I took some cool shots of a mist-enshrouded Empire State Building. It was purdy.

Oh, and while nice and full of character, our shack, pictured below:

is NOT a luxury hotel. At all!

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Robert said...

I'm kind of infuriated that put that picture of me up in a place that so many people look at, but I'll let it slide for now because I'm still half asleep and miserable.

I'm also ignoring your thoughts about PJ.