Monday, October 8, 2007


...I will be in Albany scrambling around to look hot for my VIP meeting/soundcheck with Tori. Today, I am in Austin scrambling around trying to make sure I don't forget to pack anything. Meh.

Speaking of scrambling, I just made the mistake of driving home through the UT campus and I swear it was like walking on the ground and hoping you don't step on an ant. Those mofos are EVERYWHERE. It was literally like an infestation of sorts. So stressful!

Because of the congestion there and my decision to go stuff my face, I'm a little behind schedule today and probably still won't get any work done on my Statement of Purpose for grad school, but whatever. I would imagine it could be worse.

As far as the tour goes, my goals are basically the same. I am going to attempt to capture each and every tour debut from start to finish is as close to immaculate quality as my seats allow. That means no "Big Wheel" or "Cornflake Girl" here, folks. You know how I roll.

Now here's to hoping homegirl debuts something incredible tomorrow night!

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tori_amos_lied_about_being_raped said...

does t ever get tired of kissing fag ass? i mean, i know it's 95 percent of her income, but damn, 'homospirituality'? wtf?