Tuesday, October 9, 2007


is the word best suited to describe what went down with VIP.

Caitlin at I at Austin airport around 6 AM.

Now, before I go on a total verbal rampage I will give the Tori team this: it's the first day of the tour, the venue staff all have mullets (and are as incompetent as they are unattractive), and, well, I dunno. There is just a very hectic energy.

Doing my hurr.

Basically, we arrived at 4:30 only to be herded into a small waiting area for 90 (ed: I don't know HOW I convinced myself it was 30!) minutes, at which point we were allowed to do the "crowd free merchandise" bonanza while listening to Tori sound check "Tubular Bells/Devils and Gods" "Voodoo" "Almost Rosey" "Tombigbee" and "Virginia". We were then made to wait another half an hour, at which point we were invited into the sound check, where Tori sang "God" "Tear In Your Hand" half of "God" again and then yelled at us to leave because her sound guy was pissing her off. It should be noted that Tori performed in skinny jeans, gold heels, and a cute jacket and hat with no wig. It should also be noted that sound check was prrobably the most technically perfect performances I have seen of Tori thus far this tour, but I can understand why she doesn't perform in "normal" clothes--she just doesn't command the kind of respect that she, ironically, does, wearing a sequined jumpsuit and a chunky wig. More on that later.

Anyway, we were then directed upstairs and waited about 10 minutes for Tori to come out. We were advised to have our cameras out and signing items ready to be signed, which I felt kind of, um, rude considering that we had paid for this.

Tori and I, myself looking cheesetastic

In short, for my money, listening to sound check through the door and doing the regular meet and greet would have been a better utilization of time and, more importantly, free. Tori was nice and all and Chelsea was actually really cool to me RE: something that might happen in the future, but it was still a disorganized mess.

OK, food and the show awaits. Wish me luck RE: taping!

EDIT: You also get a tourbook with the VIP bag!

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vicci said...

good luck with the taping!
your hair looks really great and your pic with tori is fab!