Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Santa rocked Philly, Tori phoned it in

Minus this improv, that is:

I really have no idea why the rest of the show was so overwhelming. Actually, scratch that, I do: it was the first night of the "Legs and Boots" instant bootlegs and she was nervous.

The good news is that Tori and I were wearing essentially the same pants at the Meet and Greet:

I also got these cute shots of her. Feel free to add your own humorous captions:

My next show of the American Doll Posse World Tour will be in Dallas on Saturday, November 24, and I proably won't update this blog much until then, though I will be adding select photos and videos from Sakre's camera.

I am very happy and fortunate to have done these five shows, but I am ready to go home. I'm tired. I miss my dog. And most importantly, I'm out of money.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I'll see you next month!


Binky said...

Thanks so much for being so diligent, Robert. I really appreciate your updates and input. Enjoy your month-ish off. Get some sleep, write some words, drink some mojitos. Cheers.

Jason Sechrest said...

Oh come on! Tell us the REAL news! What happened with the boy??!

Drizstik said...

That picture of yoU + Tori is adorable!!!
Robert, thank you x's infinity for ALL that you've shared with those of us who aren't able to see her until the middle/end of the tour! *muahs* You're the greatestest ever!!! Thanks for being such a lovely unicorn, taking us on a journey through your eyes. ;]
*MUAHS* & *cheers dahlink*,
-the rX

p.s.~I don't get to see Tori until we're under the Sagittarian month. By then I will be a Vegetarian! Also, I will look forward to hearing a lot of 'Boys For Pele' because I'm just an Antiquarian like that... ;]

tori_amos_lied_about_being_raped said...

robert, you look like a gay junkie