Sunday, October 14, 2007

"The day from hell and the show from heaven" is

a title I would resort to using if I were a far less skilled writer. That said, I am a tired and travel-sick writer, so I'm going to use it anyway. Basically, anything that could have gone wrong, non-Tori wise, in the past 24 hours did. Rental car nightmares, two meals at Burger King, missing my bus this morning, and stomach sickness this afternoon in Philly.

Two pea(nises) in a pod

Actually, one Tori thing went wrong--due to the rental car drama, Sakre missed her VIP Gold in Albany and Tori's drunk ass associate refused to do anything to help her--but the rest were amazing. Minus "1000 Oceans" and the ever standard encores, last night's show was perfect. Even with them I'd give it a solid A. It very well might have been my favorite show of the entire tour. Very very well. Clyde opening and then "Parasol" "Spark" an improv about spanking, "Northern Lad" "Yes Anastasia" "Never Seen Blue" and a "Taxi" debut for good measure? Yes, please.

Multiburst mode!

I took several videos and I'll let them speak for themselves. You know that I don't normally upload every night events like "Rattlesnakes," but it's for this boy for whom I'd basically do anything, so I am sure that you all can deal with it. OH AND CLYDE HAS A NEW WIG--less oppressive bangs!


"Spank Your Ass" improv

Northern Lad

Yes, Anastasia

Never Seen Blue

Taxi Ride (with fuck-up)


Kristen said...

you are a special boy. lovingly, kristen

Kristen said...

p.s. our "dinner" at burger king was MF'ing disgusting too. yucky.

robertcschrader said...

Awww, kristen you are a special boy too.

Er, girl.


Jimmy said...

northern lad...i hope she plays it when i see her!